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Do you walk around your garden with lots of questions? Do you have an idea of what you would like to do, but  need a little more confidence  going forward with an edible or perennial plant project. After 10 years of growing experience with food and flowers, Jacinda is here to help you with your plant questions. The range can include design ideas, plant selection and pest and irrigation management. She believes the best time to go forward with your garden is today. 


Jacinda's hourly rate for consultation is $75 per hour. A 10% discount is added to a purchase of 4 hours or more. Prior to a visit to your garden, an email with an explanation of what you are inquiring about is helpful. After the consult, I send a detailed email of what we discussed with solutions. Please send me an email to set up an appointment. 

Raised Beds
Companion Planting
Creative Raised Beds
Fence to keep out Critters
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