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Making your front and back lawn work for you puts a big smile on Jacinda's face. She can appreciate the occasional strip of grass, mostly to highlight the contrast of fruit, flowers and vegetables that are now feeding you and your family. If you have chosen this option, then you are in for the coolest ride of your life: the road where beauty meets function and they drive into the sunset together. A well thought out design is how the process starts. It includes the following:


• Site Survey

• Measurements  

• Photos

• Plant options and descriptions

• Non plant options and cost

• Initial basic layout of plan

• Detailed finished map

• Estimated earthwork cost after discussion of initial layout

• Choosing specific and appropriate plant varieties that meet needs of successive bloom, height, color, as well as, shade and sun needs

• Plant cost estimates

• Follow up meetings and revisions


Creating a fully furnished homestead will take time, so be prepared to enjoy the process. With each step of the way, Grounded Local gives a cost estimate for your specific design. 

Tomato Planting
Harvest Time!
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Seeds Please
Gardeners in Action
Simple Raised Beds
Spring Planting
Lady Bug
Padron Pepper
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