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  • Jacinda Martinez

New Year, New Seeds

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Is the middle of a northeast winter too early to get your garden started?

Happy New Year! And to answer the question above, absolutely not! It is never too early to get your garden started. During the 2020 garden season, I saw a surge of homeowners wanting to work in their gardens. For obvious reasons, touching the earth and feeling grounded last summer was much appreciated during a very uncertain time for everyone. Because of this, garden centers and seed companies were selling out left and right. Hooray! for the businesses that benefited. Boo! for the gardeners/garden designers that did not get a jump on certain varieties that were not available. While shopping for clients on seed sites, I am seeing lots of "out of stock" already. It's January!! Now is a great time to dream about which vegetables and flowers you would like to grow. My advice, take those dreams and be realistic about it. Let's not have seeds become the next toilet paper causality; hoarding it so that your neighbors have to make their own toilet paper out of trees from their yards. Good news, toilet paper lasts a long time. Bad news, seeds have a shelf life, so if you do not use it, you lose it. Happy Dreaming!


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